Message framing is the method by which RPC messages are wrapped in a byte stream so that message boundaries can be determined.

aiorpcx provides an abstract base class for framers, and a single implementation: NewlineFramer. A framer must know how to take outgoing messages and frame them, and also how to break an incoming byte stream into message frames in order to extract the RPC messages from it.

class aiorpcx.FramerBase

Derive from this class to implement your own message framing methodology.


Frame each message and return the concatenated result.

Parameters:message – an iterable; each message should be of type bytes or bytearray
Returns:the concatenated bytestream
Return type:bytes
Parameters:data – incoming data of type bytes or bytearray
Raises:MemoryError – if the internal data buffer overflows


since this may raise an exception, the caller should process messages as they are yielded. Converting the messages to a list will lose earlier ones if an exception is raised later.

class aiorpcx.NewlineFramer(max_size=1000000)

A framer where messages are delimited by an ASCII newline character in a text stream. The internal buffer for partial messages will hold up to max_size bytes.